Live Streaming

With over 10 years of experience, we offer onsite support for live streaming events in Berlin, Germany. Our specialities are musical concerts and conferences. At DigitainmentLAB we will produce the entire broadcasting workflow, from camera operators and AV equipment to broadcasting delivery. We can stream directly in high definition to television stations, you corporate intranet or your favorite public platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more.

We will help you:

Reaching a wider audience:
Reach anyone remotely. Make your information and events more accessible. Remote clients / teams / audiences / media can all receive the same message / training / entertainment / news at same time.
Reducing costs:
Why travel your team to your event when they can watch it live from their offices. Travel, accommodation and food costs can now be eliminated through the power of web streaming.
Finding potential new revenue streams:
Reach new clients and generate possible new business opportunities. New revenue streams can be generated should you choose to charge your audience a pay-per-view fee.
Increasing your online interaction with your clients/audience:
Track where in the world your audience is streaming your event. Answer their questions as it happens live.
Providing client convenience:
Why should your clients / audience miss out should they not be able to attend your event? They can now watch it as it happens in the comfort of their homes or offices.